A Guide to Wayne County and Pertinent Security Offering

The history of Wayne County

A Guide to Wayne County and Pertinent Security OfferingWayne County, North Carolina is a slice of America that speaks right to the heart. Prior to its establishment in 1779, Wayne County was primarily occupied by Native Americans. Wayne County was established around the Revolutionary War. The county’s namesake comes from a Revolutionary War general name Anthony Wayne, who was known for his aggressive battle tactics. The land was prefect for a settling with its rolling hills and quaint, quite settings. There are plenty of activities and festivities that happen year round to celebrate the traditions that Wayne County was formed on. It’s a blast checking out the Civil War reenactments that tell the storied history of this great establishment. There are also plenty of other events that will grab your attention. In the summer you can participate in mud runs for various charities. These exciting events take you through obstacle courses in order to challenge yourself and raise money for a local charitable cause. In the fall you will find plenty of pumpkin contests at local fairs and enjoy the hay rises that are ingrained in the culture.

The Economy in Wayne County

Clearly there is plenty of culture in Wayne County, but people can overlook the basis on which the town was built. There is a strong manufacturing base that keeps the town in reasonable economic standings. But there are some statistics that can give hesitancy to Wayne County’s economic viability. Approximately 14% of the town lives below the poverty line, this is about in line with the national average. However, the economy has a heavy emphasis on agricultural production. In the past decade there has been a decline in profits for many agricultural related sectors. Unfortunately this can put hardships on some members of the community, which has negative consequences for the community overall.

Crime in Wayne County

While Wayne County has many things going for it, there is also a side that people are less willing to talk about. Crime in the county is nearly double the rate of crime in the average town. Using figures from a central part of Wayne County, Goldsboro, we are more easily able to determine what the crime situation looks like. In Goldsboro, there are some unfortunate trends. For example, the national rate property crime per 1000 residents is 28.6. This means that on average 28.6 property crimes in America for each 1000 residents. What we find in Goldsboro is that the property crime rate is 63.52 instances per 1000 residents*. This is more than double the national average. What this means is that your property is at greater risk in Wayne County. Keep in mind that property crime entails a host of different offenses, including burglary.

Unfortunately the figures continue to give an unfortunate reality of the entire community. The statistics are not that much more favorable in the area of violent crimes. The rate of violent crime in the United States is 3.9 violent crimes per 1000 residents. In Wayne County this number is 8.41. As with property crime, you are more than twice as likely to experience a violent crime in the Wayne County area. The trends continue: you are much more likely to experience a violent crime such as murder as well. Robberies are nearly twice as common in Goldsboro. These crimes result in not only losses of your valuables, but the risk of identity theft. Not to mention that the entire process is harrowing and in some cases can lead to lost job wages. The good news is that there are steps you can take to protect yourself from these occurrences.

What can you do to protect yourself?

There are many options when it comes to protecting yourself. Given the high crime rate in Wayne County, many North-Carolinians are advocates of carrying a licensed firearm. This is one way to protect yourself, but it is not always the best one. Even in areas of high crime rate, you are more likely to have yourself or someone in your family injured when a firearm is in the house. This is not a statement against being a licensed carrier, but it is a suggestion that a weapon may not always be the best way to protect your household and family. There are options that could serve you more effectively in this regard. The first is to avoid parts of town that are dangerous. It may seem like a simple consideration, but it is surprising how many crimes could be avoided by simply keeping a better idea of your surroundings. Muggings are the most common crimes in this type of scenario. It’s impossible to tell how your attacker may react however, so it’s best not to engage at all. Stick to safe well-lit areas that you are more familiar with. Much of proper self-defense is using logic and common sense.

If you are more interested in protecting your family or household, consider a security system. Wayne County residents can find that they are greatly put to ease by a proper security system. Even having a security sign in your yard can serve as a deterrent for a would-be criminal. The entire installation process is easy and painless. You will sleep better at night knowing that you have the protection of an entire security team who is more than willing to protect your interests while you rest. The fact that you have the best home security system can make your entire day that much more relaxing. It makes sense to take a look at all options that are available to you and your family. Security systems are particularly important in areas that have a high crime rate, such as Wayne County. Wayne county doesn’t have high speed Internet access in all areas so satellite Internet makes a good option.  It makes sense to take all the possible steps to protect both you and your family in the case of a break-in. But the good news is that you are protected, even when you are not home. Contrary to popular belief, most break-ins occur during the daytime when the perceived owner is not home. Your valuables will be in good hands if you find an appropriate security system. When you consider the cost, this is definitely a viable option for many families.

Overall, Wayne County offers more benefits that downsides. However, it still pays to be vigilant when it comes to important matters such as your safety. By looking at all the factors that come into living in a diverse place such as this, you will realize that your time would be best spent on enjoying the scenery in Wayne County and not worrying about other matters.

* Statistics were taken from http://www.neighborhoodscout.com/nc/goldsboro/crime/